Custom Concrete Landscape Borders
Why use our Lil' Bubba® Custom Curbing Appeal System?
  • Nothing else looks as neat and attractive!
  • Makes your landscaping really pop!
  • Adds value and prestige to your property!
  • Durable, Permanent, Clean Concrete!
  • Exclusive Integrated Color System
  • Custom Range of Colors and Patterns!
Moroccan Natural Stone
Now Available In Your Area! Introducing Moroccan Natural Stone, an attractive, durable and permanent solution that offers a modern and distinctive update to your homes curb appeal.
An Affordable Home Improvement!
  • Stronger, Brighter, Cleaner Finish!
  • Lasting Beauty of Integrated Colors!
  • Mildew and Mold Resistant!
  • Natural and Realistic Appearance!
  • More Durable and Less Maintenance!
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JCB Lawn Care and Curbing Appeal is proud to present the Lil' Bubba® Custom Concrete Landscape Border System!
You can schedule an onsite appointment at your convenience. We'll bring real curb samples to show how great your landscaping can look.

You can choose custom colors and favorite stamp pattern from our exclusive Lil' Bubba® CurbColor system!
Family Owned

JCB stands for dad Joe Woods, son Cody Jones, and son Bryson Woods. We treat you like family, and take pride in our work!

Long Lasting

The hottest trend for 2021 is long-lasting decorative concrete curbing! An attractive, durable, & permanent solution!

Stronger & Brighter

Unlike any curbing borders you've ever seen! Lots of bright colors and patterns to choose from! The strongest, brightest, and cleanest finishes!

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JCB Lawn Care and Curbing Appeal Reviews

  • "For two years I struggled with my lawns and really failed miserably. This year I hired JCB Lawn Care to take care of it each week. I couldn't be more pleased. Great work, respectful people, and wonderful results. Highly recommended!"
    Patrick Doyle
  • "I have a lot of work done in my house I am happy good price and I recommend everybody to go with this company."
    Hany Ghobreyal
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Now Available In The Nashville Area
You can't go wrong with affordable home improvements, especially a beautification project that will make the neighbors jealous!

The hottest trend for 2021 is long-lasting decorative concrete curbing - looks great and adds value!

Brought to you by JCB Lawn Care and Curbing Appeal and the Lil' Bubba® Curb System!